It’s likely that we’ll never forget March of 2020. We may all remember it differently though.

For our social services sector, March and the coming months would prove to present some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced.

An Act of Local Love is a 3-part video series that takes a look at some of the issues our community is facing due to COVID-19. We start at the beginning and take you places you may not have seen or understood before. Will it make you uncomfortable? Maybe. But these are real issues facing our neighbours right now.  And the more we understand, the better we are able to respond.

COVID-19 has been and will be our biggest challenge yet. But we can use our strength as one of Canada’s most caring communities and show our local love like never before.

Donate today to ensure the help our neighbours need, to get through these trying times, is there for them: –

Episode 1 – A Crisis Like No Other

Episode 2 – Meeting The Moment

Episode3 – United In Local Love

Special thanks to Ward 1 Studios for their help in producing the series.

And a very special thanks to the individuals and organizations who participated in the videos and sharing their vulnerable stories with all of us.