Community Impact Committee

At United Way, we’re always looking at the impact that we are making together in the community – and how we can do better.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve considered different ways that we can work with our community partners to increase our impact – the impact that is fueled by generous donors like you.  The pandemic reinforced that we can and need to be more responsive, that we can provide funding in more accessible way and that collectively we can make lasting, positive change. 

Over the course of the past eight weeks, our Community Impact committee, made up of 20 volunteers representing diverse stakeholder groups in our community, worked to make a recommendation on our Community Impact strategy. 

  • We did an in-depth analysis of our three focus areas – All That Kids Can Be, Healthy People Strong Communities and From Poverty to Possibility.  We reviewed both local and national research that supports the current outcomes and the group offered their experience and insight into what’s important now – and most importantly, where United Way can have an impact.     
  • We spoke to 13 local, regional and provincial human service leaders to gather their insight and advice from their unique vantage points in community and sector leadership.   
  • We conducted a survey with our donors to learn more about what they believed to be important in creating a strong, thriving community now and 10 years from now.   
  • We looked at our current investments – where are we currently funding and how a new framework would impact currently funded programs. 
  • And we took our knowledge of community issues – what United Way gains from being at planning tables on the issues to see how all of this aligns with what others in the community are thinking.   

Change is never easy and these were difficult conversations in some cases.  However, we are extremely excited about the path forward and to share more with the community in weeks and months ahead.  We know our community needs a radical recovery and we believe this strategy forward supports that recovery process, as well as provides dedicated support for equity and rights deserving groups and our rural communities.   We will mobilize a shared responsibility for social good and together, build back to a strong and thriving community for all.