A Story of Local Love: Grief Support During COVID-19

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“The group leaders have created a very safe and warm place for one to share their feelings and be comfortable grieving among others. I love having the connection with everyone. Having a place that lists resources at your fingertips is invaluable. We are blessed to have wonderful leaders who are always willing to change things up based on the input of participants. The ability to socialize and communicate instead of spending our time looking at the 4 walls especially now during these times of COVID lock down.

Knowing you are not judged for having certain feeling/troubles. Validation and acceptance and the ongoing support as there is no end date to grief.

I have learned a lot from all the readings and from all the other group members who share their experiences. It helped me enormously dealing with my own grief. Also, I think I have grown as a person and was able to share my own feelings and experiences.”

-Participant of a United Way GWD funded program

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