Fund Distribution

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United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin provides funding to programs offered by registered charitable organizations that address the social needs of our community. We support a network of local programs that help thousands of people in our community on their journey to a better quality of life.

Investing in our community is a challenging task – Every year, funding requests exceed the amount of money raised. United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin funding process is thorough, and relies on the support of a committee of Community Impact volunteers. These volunteers review the funding applications, visit program sites, examine community need assessments and recommend funding levels to United Way’s Board of Directors.


Funding Process

When a funding application arrives at United Way office, it goes through an extensive review process.

Step 1 – Receipt by United Way

A staff member:

  • Checks to see that the applicant meets the basic eligibility requirements (see Apply for Funding)
  • Checks to make sure the application has been properly completed and includes all the necessary attachments
  • Notifies the applicant if the application is incomplete or does not include all the necessary attachments

Step 2 – Review by Volunteer Review Team

Two volunteers from the Community Impact Committee are assigned to review each funding application over $10,000. Their tasks include:

  • Reviewing the written applications
  • Assessing applications in relation to United Way’s Funding Principles
  • Assessing applications according to an Assessment Rubric
  • Rating the application
  • Visiting program sites

Step 3 – Review and recommendation by Community Impact Committee

The Committee:

  • Reviews the ratings for all fund applications
  • Considers the funding availability according to campaign projections
  • Recommends approval of either the full or a reduced funding amount, or declines the application

Step 4 – Decision by Board of Directors

Following the final Community Impact Committee meeting, the Board of Directors review recommendations made by the volunteer committee and ratifies decisions on funding applications.

Step 5 – Communication of decision to applicant

Following approval by the Board, all applicants receive written notification of the funding decision. Funding begins April 1.