Do you know what your donation looks like?

Whether you are a donor, a service provider or a participant of one of our funded programs, thousands of people are being impacted by one of United Way’s locally funded programs every day. With the help of local photographer, Christopher Tiessen, “I Am Your United Way” captures the stories and faces of real people whose lives have been transformed thanks to donors like you.

Together, we are making change start here.

Sly Castaldi, Executive Director
Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis

“United Way is about all of us. It is a community called to action to make a difference in the lives of those we might never know. United Way is about dignity, inclusion and our community’s responsibility to one another. A life positively transformed has an enormous ripple effect and  positive impact on others.”


Kyler Fraser, Program User
Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre

“A year ago, I was pregnant, lost, had nowhere to go, and was thinking abortion was my best option. Then I came to Michael House, where I was surrounded by a supportive community so I could keep my baby, Sage. We have weekly meetings to help meet my goals in things like budgeting, finishing school and parenting. Now I’m on my way to living independently, raising my little girl in a healthy family. I’m so grateful to United Way supporters. This has literally changed life for Sage and myself!”



Terence Gill
United Way Donor

“I donate to United Way because, out of all the charities, it’s important to me that United Way impacts people locally and my donation’s reach is widespread and covers all ages & backgrounds.”

Brendan Johnston, Executive Director
Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition

“Our communities are stronger, kinder, more connected and full of joy and opportunity because United Way makes it possible for thousands of community members to access amazing programs and services.  I cannot imagine anyone in our community who has not, in some way, been touched or supported by United Way and the programs they fund.  Support from United Way turns hope into action.”

Rose Lugosi, Program User
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association

“The days that I can participate in the Outreach Program [a United Way funded   program] are days I look forward to.  It’s a place where I can interact with other seniors to share stories and exchange life experiences.  I’ve formed many lasting friendships over the years, and they have helped me through some very hard times, including when my husband was diagnosed with dementia.  The program is much more than exercises, crafts and information – it’s a network of support.”

Vanessa McQuade
United Way Donor

“I love Guelph and our surrounding communities, and I know there is so much good, but also so much need.  United Way helps to bridge that gap. If we can raise money together to support our community, and over 90 funded agencies, we can make Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin even better places to live for everyone.”

Andy Chea, Program User
Shelldale Better Beginnings Better Futures Guelph

“I am successful because my community believed in me.  The programs I was able to  participate in as a youth, made possible by United Way, helped me to develop into a strong leader.   I’m now a student at Conestoga College, a volunteer with St. John’s Ambulance Guelph, and a  community activist. I have logged over a thousand community service hours. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of community programs and United Way!“

John Sleeman
United Way Donor

“Running a business can be all consuming but I believe that it is critically important that we support United Way during the campaign and throughout the year, as they provide services that are vital to the ongoing mental, physical and emotional health of so many people. Many of us personally have family and friends impacted by    United Way programs, and through fund raising and our commitment of time, we are able to have an impact across our community.”

Alazer Abdita
United Way Donor

“I donate through my workplace’s United Way Campaign [Linamar].  I choose to participate because it feels good helping others and  sharing in their success.  Helping humanity is a good thing.”

Tom Lusis, Chair, Board of Directors
Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington

“Funding from United Way helps IS-GW support clients with unique programs.  We can help newcomers and immigrants in very tangible and immediate ways, which not only helps our clients, but helps to broaden our community’s worldviews , making us a more culturally inclusive place to call home.”

Patricia Tersigni,
United Way Donor

“My family and I are honoured to be United Way donors because we know first-hand the significant impact the dollars make in our local community.  We trust that our hard-earned donation is allocated where it’s needed most, and we know that we’re doing a small part to ensure everyone in our community has an equal opportunity to thrive.”

Davina Finoro, Program User
Rainbow Programmes for Children

“When I attend camp in the summer, I feel like I belong.  I like helping others and using my imagination, and I do both at camp and that makes me happy.” – Davina

“I don’t think twice about leaving her at the camp for the day.  We’ve seen an   increase in her confidence, leadership and life skills.  It’s an amazing place and we’re grateful to have it supported by United Way.”- Davina’s Mother