We had hoped this event would be a fun break from COVID-19, where we could come together and enjoy some laughter, but now it seems like what we all need a bit more of is some down time away from our screens, where we can all focus on some self care and our friends and family.

Stay tuned for details in the new year!


One of the names on the guest list is on another’s hit list!  Can you figure out ‘whodunnit’?

Join us for a spooky night of fun and entertainment on Friday the 13th at the 3rd Annual United Way Speakeasy – Murder at the Juice Joint!

This virtual night will provide you with laughs, mystery and intrigue as we put the clues together in our very own murder mystery set in the 1920s!

Each guest will be provided with an outline of a character for the evening.  You’ll find out just enough beforehand to plan your costume and come in character, ready to solve the mystery.

Individual tickets $100

Tickets include:

  • a Cocktail Box, sponsored by Spring Mill Distillery and Sleeman Breweries, including a recipe card and ingredients to make your own “Gin Rickey’s Dead” cocktail + more fun surprises
  • Live Music with Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra throughout the evening
  • Your character and details so you can take part in the Mystery!

Come on your own or with a group!

Do you have a group of friends you’d like to attend with?  Or how about a group of colleagues looking for a fun team building or holiday party?  Groups of 12-15 can be accommodated in a breakout room together.  We’ll ensure everyone receives different characters from the mystery, allowing you the opportunity to have your own mini-murder mystery party, while still being part of the bigger group!  Contact us about purchasing group tickets at


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