Improved Mobility, Improved Quality of Life

A women in a wheelchair, smiling straight at the camera while she paints.

“The United Way funded Assistive Devices Program recognizes that people living with disabilities and in financial need face tremendous barriers without access to the equipment they need. In 2023, through United Way funding, 17 people living with disabilities were able to access mobility devices at no cost, helping to reduce their sense of isolation, increase their quality of life, increasing their mental health, support ageing in place, and increase their capacity to live independently and become more active members of their community.  

‘I am so thankful and blessed by those who care enough to help others who are less fortunate financially and otherwise unable to access much-needed equipment which improves our daily quality of life. I cannot express thanks enough for your help and generosity because I could never afford a wheelchair and walker with the low income I am on and the rent I pay at long-term care.’”  

United Way is rooted in building strong and inclusive communities. We strive to create opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. We acknowledge that, due to systemic factors, some members of our community experience barriers to accessing programs, services, and funding. We are committed to supporting communities where everyone feels like they belong and are valued for their unique differences. Learn more about our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Impact Area.

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