United Way has partnered with Trillium West Real Estate Brokerage to make grocery delivery available for even more seniors who need help!

When the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for seniors to get out to do their regular grocery shopping, Trillium West Real Estate Brokerage and Sarah Rubenstein reached out to residents in the Village by the Arboretum, and with the support of Zehrs Eramosa and a team of volunteers, have been able to deliver groceries to seniors in this area.

United Way loved the idea and we’ve rounded up a great group of trusted volunteers so we can help even more seniors through this difficult time!


Who Can Receive Help

  • Seniors who live in Guelph (we apologize we can only deliver to Guelph right now – we are looking at the possibility of expanding this)
  • You must have a valid credit card


How it Works

  • Volunteers will be making bi-weekly deliveries on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Please send us an email to chloe@unitedwayguelph.com right away to sign up so that we can gauge interest and book you a spot.  We can only safely fulfill a certain number of orders per night and once we reach that number, we will start a waiting list.  We will email you back to confirm we have you on our list.
  • Once you have been signed up for spot, grocery lists should be emailed to chloe@unitedwayguelph.com by noon the day prior to your grocery day (Sunday at noon for Monday deliveries; Monday at noon for Tuesday deliveries)
  • You can include all your required items on the grocery list.  If you prefer a certain brand of item, please indicate that on the list (please keep in mind that we will be shopping at Zehrs).  While the grocery store is doing its best at restocking items, there may be some things on your list that are currently unavailable.  We will do our very best to find matches for your items, but if there’s an item on your list you would like to eliminate instead of getting a substitution, please let us know.
  • Although we will do our very best to get everything on the list, if the store doesn’t have the item(s) in stock we appreciate your understanding that it’s out of our hands at that point on being able to deliver it.
  • Your credit card information will be needed in advance. Please call in or email the credit card number to chloe@unitedwayguelph.com or 519-841-2152 so we can set up payment to be done remotely on delivery night.  Your credit card number needs to be on hand by noon the day prior to your grocery day (Sunday at noon for Monday deliveries; Monday at noon for Tuesday deliveries) to set up payment for this week.
  • Once your volunteer is done shopping for your items they will immediately head to your home to drop them off.  This will be on the evening your shopping is completed.  There is no charge for the delivery!  We are able to do this thanks to committed volunteers!  You will only pay for the groceries ordered.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email chloe@unitedwayguelph.com or sarahr@trilliumwest.com