Supported Recovery

In December 2018, the City of Guelph’s Mayor Cam Guthrie announced his plans to establish a Mayor’s Task Force to address issues of homelessness, addictions, and community safety.  After discussions between community partners, plans and programs were identified- but required funding.  United Way was at the table from the start to offer our support.

Homelessness, and the related issues of mental health and addictions are growing and accelerating.  This is #UNIGNORABLE.

  • In the last year, calls to our community mental health line have increased from 1,000 to 5,500 calls per month
  • Death by suicide in Guelph is 2.5X the national average
  • Over the last year, 1,300 Ontarians died from overdose
  • There was a 33% increase in opioid-related emergency department visits last year; in the first six months of this year, 156 overdoses were reported in Guelph
  • In 2018, police and mental health clinicians made 1,200+ calls to help 3,356 Guelph Wellington residents in crisis

Together, we can do something about this.

United Way is working with community partners in order to:

Reach vulnerable people on the street to connect them to services that help

Offer a 24/7 place for a person in crisis to be safe

Provide medical care and addictions treatment to a person in crisis

Provide individualized support so people stabilize and get better

Vulnerable people in our community are dying from preventable chronic illnesses like mental health and addiction, and community members are feeling unsafe in our community.  Your support will go a long way to helping people safely recover, ensure emergency services aren’t strained and create safe, welcoming streets we can all be proud of.  Most importantly, your support will help save lives.

United Way is proud of the work we are able to support happening right here in our community, as a result of the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness and Community Safety.  Thanks to the collaborative effort of many caring and dedicated community partners, programs and solutions are underway to address some very complex issues impacting our community.

With the help of Ward 1 Studios in Guelph, “No One Left Behind” shares the stories of three individuals impacted by homelessness, mental health and addictions, and the work that is being done as a result of the Task Force to help find solutions to these issues.

To learn more about the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness and Community Safety, click here