At The Co-operators, we aspire to be a catalyst for a sustainable community. Our support of United Way is a perfect way for us to put this vision into action, supporting social programs that address immediate needs and create solutions for the long term.

Rick McCombie, Executive Vice-President, Direct Distribution and Insurance Operations, The Co-operators

Giving back to the community is a longstanding quality of the employees of Owens Corning. The various team fundraising activities that make up our annual United Way campaign provide the opportunity for the employees to build partnerships, enhance engagement and make a difference in our community at the same time.

Owens Corning

Everyone on our staff pulled together to make our United Way campaign a success. We learned more about the skills and talents of our fellow employees, strengthening our team while raising funds for great programs in our community.

Brad McArthur, Manager, Food & Beverage
OLG Slots at Grand River Raceway

Together, United Way and labour are working to build a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community. In every sector, union members are supporting the annual United Way campaign, knowing it is one of the best ways to give back.

Janice Folk-Dawson
President, Guelph & District Labour Council

WIth a limited budget and so many deserving causes, it can be very challenging for a company like Sleeman Breweries to make difficult choices when it comes to helping the local community. The great benefit to working with United Way is that their trained staff and volunteers are able to ensure that the funds end up where they are most needed.

John Sleeman, Founder & Chair, Sleeman Breweries Ltd.