From Poverty To Possibility

Meeting the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable and giving everyone the opportunity to realize a better future.

The Challenge

Almost 24% of households in Guelph-Wellington are food insecure.
Canadians living in households with children are more likely to be food insecure (19%) compared to those with no children (12%).
Food insecurity is a measure of not being able to afford basic needs. Those struggling to afford food are also struggling to pay for other basic living costs like rent, childcare, and medications.
1 in 6 people with disabilities in Canada live on a low income.
40% of newcomers live on a low income.
10% of Canadian households live below the Low Income Cut-off (LICO).
Roughly 270 people in Guelph-Wellington are homeless each night.
62% of homeless individuals in Guelph-Wellington have experienced chronic homelessness (6+ months homeless in the past 12 months).
23% of current homeless individuals in Guelph-Wellington identify as Indigenous.
42% of those currently homeless were under the age of 18 when they first experienced homelessness.

Reasons We Care

Poverty touches almost every aspect of people’s lives — from food, shelter, and employment to mental and physical well-being. People who lack necessities like food and shelter can’t get ahead in life. Those who struggle to find work or manage their finances aren’t able to reach their full potential.  

We believe that every person in every community deserves the opportunities, access, and connections they need to build a good life — regardless of their income, the neighbourhood they live in, or their social identity.  

When people are financially stable, they aren’t worried about their next meal, how they’re going to pay their rent, or whether they’ll be able to afford a coat for their kids. They can focus on enjoying life, being a great parent, and giving back to the community.

What We Do, Together.

United Way’s poverty reduction efforts are designed to achieve measurable results which ensure families and individuals have the financial, social, and personal assets they need to improve their quality of life. 

With our commitment to impact, our role as community convener, and our involvement with other funders and planners in this area, United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin leverages our network of partners and donors to come together and create real solutions that will work for our communities.

In 2022, we convened community partners to develop a collective plan to support community members move from Poverty to Possibility. Together, with the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination, an innovative and exciting strategy was formed to assist with the direct assistance of food and household goods, supportive housing and housing supports, and collaborative strategies for shared systems and infrastructure. These strategies support the ultimate goals of reducing barriers, increasing access, and building stability for those experiencing poverty. Through this five-year plan, we will radically change our systems and ensure that people living on low incomes are able to meet their basic needs and access opportunities to achieve income security.

Together, with your investments, we’re moving people from poverty to possibility.