211 Helpline

211 is a telephone helpline, available 24/7 to help individuals who are seeking information and services to deal with life’s challenges.

United Way Canada Supports 211

What do you do when you need help but don’t know where to turn? Maybe you’re new to the community or you’re experiencing a new situation. If you don’t know where to turn, call 2-1-1. 211 offers 24-7 referrals to over 56,000 social services in Ontario.

The 211 telephone helpline and website provide a gateway to community, social, non-clinical health, and related government services and helps to navigate the complex network of human services in our community quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For assistance finding housing, language training, employment, and so much more – call 2-1-1.   It’s free, offered in over 100 languages, and available day or night.

211 Online

Click here to visit 211 Helpline’s website and learn more about their services and how you can find help.