Monthly Giving

Monthly donations to United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin provide year-round support to our programs and to those most vulnerable in our community.

Monthly Giving, It’s a Good Thing!

We believe that our community is best served when we can all see ourselves as part of a larger collective who are contributing to, and building a thriving community. The Social Good Collective members work as partners by contributing monthly gifts, time and understanding to creating positive lasting change on pressing issues in Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin.

We know that we are stronger together and we welcome and appreciate all monthly giving levels. When we all work collectively on social good, we all benefit.

Why give monthly?

  • It’s easy! Automatically give each month and make a continuing impact on the issues you care about.
  • Your monthly gift provides United Way the reliable funds needed to fuel lasting change.
  • It’s simple to budget. You can determine your giving budget for the year and can change or stop your monthly giving at any time.
  • Keep yourself organized. No need to spend hours looking for tax receipts for all your donations. One tax receipt will be issued at year-end for the total of your monthly contributions.

Do a World of Good!

Every dollar matters and makes a difference. Here’s what your gift can do:

  • $10 a month will buy health care products from the pharmacy for 4 youth who can’t afford this necessity.
  • $20 a month will provide two families with a fresh food hamper full of local, nutritious food.
  • $40 a month will cover the cost of needed devices to allow an adult or senior with a disabilities to be independent in their own home.

Whoa! I Feel Good

You can feel good about being part of The Social Good Collective.

  • 100% of your donations stay local to solve local issues with local solutions.
  • Monthly donations have lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods, meaning your gift goes further.
  • You will see your dollars at work. We will provide periodic updates on the impact you are making in our community.
  • We will keep you posted on volunteer and learning opportunities which will provide the opportunity for you to better understand the issues facing our community and will help you be a good neighbour.

A Bit of Good Housekeeping

  • Donations are processed on the first business day of each month. If you sign up mid-month, your first donation will not occur until the next month.
  • Tax receipts will be issued at the end of each calendar year.
  • You can stop or change the amount of your donations at anytime by contacting Sue Cybulski at 519-821-0571

Start your monthly donation today!