Run A United Way Workplace Campaign

Get your business and your team involved in making a positive difference in your community. Join workplaces in Guelph, Wellington, and Dufferin in running a workplace campaign.

How Your Company Can Get Involved

If you’re looking for a great way to get your business involved in your community, we have many options! Join the hundreds of workplaces in Guelph, Wellington, and Dufferin in supporting United Way. Together with these caring companies, employees, and union members, your business can help us raise 90% of the funds needed to support our community programming.

Corporate Gifts

Demonstrate your commitment to the community by matching employee contributions. This is a great way to double your impact and it provides an extra incentive for employees to participate. Receive recognition for your contribution through United Way Campaign Awards and our website.

Employee Campaign

Our staff and volunteers will work closely with your team to create a campaign tailored to meet your needs. Orientation sessions and a number of campaign materials and tools are available at no cost to help you succeed.

We also offer a range of speakers from programs receiving United Way funding, who can come and speak to businesses who have Employee Campaigns, about their first-hand experience. Their stories offer people a deeper understanding of where donations are allocated and how many lives are affected. View more information.

Sponsored Employee Program

Each year, community-minded workplaces loan their employees to us for 14 weeks. Sponsored employee representatives are an integral part of workplace campaigns and have an opportunity to raise the profile of their workplaces in the wider community.

Sponsorship of Events and Materials

Showcase your company’s commitment to your community, increase brand awareness, expand your audience and reach decision-makers. From recruiting and retention to client growth and business growth, the benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor are incredible. Click here for more information.

Employee Campaign Coordinators

Employee and Union Campaign Coordinators (ECCs/UCCs) are critical to the success of United Way workplace fundraising campaigns as these campaigns contribute over 80% of all dollars raised (55% from employee contributions).

As an ECC/UCC, it’s your job to run an effective United Way campaign in your workplace. Workplace campaigns help to boost morale and create a sense of community and commitment among employees. You’ll get to know your co-workers better, raise money for your community, and have fun in the process!

Click below to get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Employee Campaign Coordinators:



The United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin is here to help you be successful! You can reach out to us at any time for support.
What is an ECC/UCC?

An Employee or Union Campaign Coordinator — ECC/UCC — is the key volunteer in a workplace who is responsible for managing and monitoring their United Way workplace campaign.

What is the time frame for an ECC/UCC commitment?

The typical commitment is 2-3 months, but it may be longer in some larger organizations.

How many meetings does the ECC/UCC need to hold?

We anticipate that you will hold key meetings including Committee and/or Canvasser meetings as necessary and act as an advocate for United Way during the Campaign (Sept-Dec).

Who does the ECC/UCC report to?

We ask that you are available for regular communication with United Way staff, sponsored employees, and/or local executives for support and guidance.

What qualities should an ECC/UCC have to ensure a successful campaign?

The person should demonstrate:

  • Leadership and dedication
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to communicate with and motivate
  • Good planning and analytical skills
  • Strong organization skills with an attention to detail
  • Commitment to United Way’s mission
What responsibilities does an ECC/UCC have?
  • Recruit and train canvassers (if applicable), with help from United Way staff partners
  • Plan workplace strategies for your campaign
  • Monitor progress and report back to United Way Staff
  • Analyze results, identify potential challenges, and work on solutions
  • Return completed report envelopes to United Way office

Campaign Toolkit

Whether this is your first time planning a workplace campaign or a role that you have done for years, this toolkit includes everything you need to run a seamless and successful United Way workplace fundraising campaign — whether your employees are working remotely or in the office. All our information is easy to access, easy to use, and adaptable.

Thank you for supporting your workplace charitable giving campaign. This important work would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who step up each and every day to support and advocate. On behalf of our entire community, thank you for your efforts.