A Safe Space To Ask For Help

As I write this report, volunteers are filling bags of canned goods and produce for a mother and her beautiful young son at our downtown location. Mother and son are holding hands as they walk through the line, with volunteers offering them fruit and vegetables. The volunteers are chatting with them and answering the mother’s questions. They are leaving with full bags of nutritious food to take home.

Another guest just knocked on my office door, asking for assistance filling out a government form. He is also walking home with two full bags of food. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to providing him some help with his forms.

With funding support from the United Way, we are better able to ensure that we can provide dignified and abundant service of nutritious food to all families and individuals who come through our door. With this funding, we don’t have to turn anyone away because we have run out of food for them. We are also able to continue to build a safe and welcoming community for all. What we know, for certain, is that what we do here is not actually just about the food. It’s about connecting with a mother and her son and helping them put food in their fridge and on their table. It’s about creating a space where individuals feel safe to ask for help.

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