“Thanks to United Way’s support, some of our Parent Outreach Workers have gotten involved in ‘The Village Finding Project”. The project aims to connect community helpers with a child who is at risk of harm, due to the struggles or crises that their caregivers are in. The idea behind the program comes from the old adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” We’ve already found several “helpers” who themselves were in crisis or struggling at one time. When someone with lived experience can help someone else in getting through hard times, it creates trust and reciprocity. It also helps the children to feel safe, knowing they have multiple caring adults to turn to. The program aims to be intentional about building positive childhood experiences by nurturing the relationship between the child and the safe helper. The project is now underway and we’re looking forward to connecting children and youth in our community with safe adults who they can turn to when they’re in need of support.”

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