WEBINAR: The Top 7 Myths About Leaving a Charitable Gift in Your Will

Curious about leaving a charitable gift in your Will? Join WillPower for a short webinar “The Top 7 Myths About Leaving a Charitable Gift in your Will”. Leaving a gift in your Will can provide a lasting legacy to the causes you care about. You won’t need to use the resources you need now, and you can still take care of your loved ones when you’re gone. Learn why Canadians are using this increasingly popular way to give.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why leaving a charitable donation in your Will is a smart way to give back
  • See how you can leave part of your estate to charity in your Will, and still take care of family
  • Understand tax and other financial strategies you can use to structure your Will so that it works for YOU
  • Know exactly what to ask your legal or financial advisor about your estate (and where to find one)

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