A Story of Local Love: Support For New Parents

A couple who accessed the community food bank was facing eviction from their home. They also welcomed their first child during the pandemic, which put extra stress on the family. They were very worried about providing for their new baby, especially having to purchase formula, which is very expensive. Through the food bank and our used clothing store, the parents were able to get baby clothes, diapers, wipes and formula to ensure the baby’s needs were met. This allowed the parents to save money for first and last month’s rent for an apartment they were able to secure. No family should ever have to choose between paying rent and buying food for their children. Thanks to your support of United Way GWD, this family and many others like them will not have to.
For many people across our community, poverty is a daily struggle. Often, the ongoing challenges to meet even the most basic necessities of life means making impossible trade-offs—like buying food or paying rent. Your support is an integral part of the bigger goal of bringing people from poverty to possibility. Thank you for helping to ensure every member of our community has the resources they need to thrive!

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