United In Building Equitable & Inclusive Communities For All

United Way is rooted in building strong and inclusive communities.  We strive to create opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.

However, many of the issues United Way works to address, including poverty, homelessness and social isolation are heavily impacted by the effects of racism and the disproportionate impact on Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities.

The conversations and actions taking place all over the world right now are unignorable.  We can take this opportunity to do better, so our entire community can be better.

United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin will use our strengths in bringing people together, creating opportunities for people to show love for their community and investing in the essential community services that help bridge the gap between potential and opportunity.  We can and we will be better at promoting positive conversations and behavior around racism and inclusivity.  We will learn with and alongside our communities as to how we can better support and elevate the voices of all.   We will celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and ensure respect and understanding for these unique differences.

Together, we can create communities that are smarter, stronger and kinder.

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